Susy Natal is a performance coach, wellness writer, and online fitness coach.

She has a background in psychology and addresses health and wellness goals with an integrated approach that is tailored to an individual’s needs. It is vital to encapsulate the social and professional aspects of an individual’s roles and responsibilities into a plan, and these are woven into targets and metrics to help a client achieve their wellness goals while respecting and planning for a balance with other aspects of an individual’s professional and personal life.

With fitness, Susy has many years of experience working with beginners right through to athletes and her fitness coaching has a large emphasis in strength training. Nothing operates in a vacuum though, and consequently, over time more and more emphasis on stress management, prioritisation of goals and mindset coaching has become a cornerstone of her services. She has been published widely across many health and fitness magazines and websites and is a workshop and conference presenter.

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My coaching and programs cater to different levels of experience but also different levels of desired involvement and communication. Some want to learn a few tips for ongoing habit change, while others want to dive right into the deep end with training, nutrition and mindset and lifestyle coaching. Individualised coaching is fully tailored and you will work directly with me, while my eBook and lecture content are all created by me. I cater to many health and fitness goals, including:

  • Strength (introduction and ongoing)
  • Physique (fat loss and hypertrophy)
  • General health and fitness (training for life!)
  • Lifestyle coaching where habits and nutrition may be more of a focus (training still provided)
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