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Here are some past articles that I have published in the past to assist other fitness professionals in different aspects of their service and business.

You Are Not Your Client

This is an article on the often ignored but vital softer skills of coaching. On how to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for your client so you can meet them with unconditional positive regard and build a solid foundation to work together.

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Walk Together

Nurturing collaborative relationships with clients – this piece follows on from the article above. The best coach/client relationships are those where the client does not question but rather just knows that their coach is in their corner to the end. It is one thing to tell them that but another altogether for them to feel it, and this will help you to learn how to best be there for your clients.

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The Devil is in the Detail

This is a piece that provides some guidelines on the importance of education for clients and on how to help maximise their learning. It described some methods for helping clients to absorb and retain information about movements.

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So Your Client Wants to be a Bodybuilder or Powerlifter?

This is for all the trainers who might be considering preparing their clients for their first powerlifting or bodybuilding competition. Here are some considerations for not only the trainer’s own qualifications and experience but also some guidelines for screening clients for whether this is an appropriate choice for them.

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Going Online: 7 Lessons Learnt From the Shift to Virtual PT

This article is for trainers who are wanting to shift some or all of their work to being online. I discuss some of what I learned alone the way, which would have helped me the most to prepare for in advance for a smoother transition from working on the gym floor.

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Looking After PT’s Mental Health During Lockdown

Lockdowns were extremely hard on everybody, and they are still in place (as I write this) in many parts of the world. For trainers who work so closely with their clients and who in many cases might not have had any resources set up for such a lifechanging event, this is an article that I hope will help.

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